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International House

Located in a historic building on North Broadway, the International House is a special housing unit for students who share a common interest in language. Students of Spanish, French, German, or Chinese can live, study, and learn in an environment that links academics and student life so learning can continue outside the classroom.

International House

The International House features four apartments for upperclass students with bathrooms, kitchenettes, and bedrooms. Students residing in the International House speak their foreign languages of study daily to one another in order to practice their mastery of the language. A conversation hour is also held every week and includes students, faculty, and staff.

The International House experience also goes beyond spoken languages. Residents plan and host several events throughout the year, such as celebrations of Oktoberfest, Mardi Gras, and Cinco de Mayo. International House receptions honor students returning from study abroad and May Term travel experiences.

Active participation and a love of language and culture make the International House a great place to live for students interested in promoting awareness of languages and culture.

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