Classroom Accommodations and Testing Center

Classroom Accommodations

Students who wish to receive academic accommodations must submit an application as well as supporting documentation (see How To Apply). Once approved by Disability Services, students must have a face-to-face meeting with the Coordinator of Disability Services. After this initial meeting, students will be given a link to a secured server where they can download their official university accommodations letter. Students are responsible for sharing this letter with their professors at the beginning of each semester. Additionally, students will need to contact Disability Services to request note sharers and PDF versions of text books each semester as needed.

Testing Center

A low-distraction testing room is available to eligible students who are registered with Disability Services and who have been approved for extended time on tests. 

Regular and Mid-Term Exams - Students who wish to reserve the Testing Center must sign the Testing Center Policy and Agreement Form once each year. It is the student's responsibility to contact the Coordinator of Disability Services to reserve time in the Testing Center. Student's who wish to reserve time in the Testing Center must complete and submit a Testing Center Reservation Form at least three days prior to exam time.  

Final Exams - An email will be sent out each semester to all students who have activated their accommodations with instructions regarding reserving space in the Testing Center for final exams. All Testing Center Reservation Forms must be turned in one week prior to final exams. The Coordinator of Disability Services will note the exact date forms are due in an email.