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Academics F.A.Q.

Does Transylvania University have a major in ...?

Transylvania University has 38 major programs, several interdisciplinary minors, and minors in most major areas. Please refer to the Transylvania University Course Catalog for specific program descriptions. In addition, a student can work with faculty members and the dean to design a major that fits the student’s specific academic and career interests.

Will Transylvania University accept my Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate credit?

Yes. Generally, if a student scores a minimum of 4 on an Advanced Placement Exam, Transylvania awards credit. If a student scores a 5 or higher on an Upper Level exam for International Baccalaureate, Transylvania awards credit.

How big are the classes?

The average class size is 17, and the student to faculty ratio is 12:1. Many classes have fewer than 10 students. Our largest class has between 30 and 35 students.

Are professors accessible?

Yes. Everyone who teaches at Transylvania holds office hours each week. If a professor’s office hours are inconvenient, students can schedule an appointment for an alternative meeting time.

What percentage of the full-time faculty holds advanced degrees?

Over 97% of tenured and tenure-track faculty hold the Ph.D. or the highest degree in their field.

What is the average course load?

The average course load is four classes during each of the two semesters and one class during the May term.

What opportunities are there for foreign study?

Nearly 70% of Transylvania students study abroad. Study abroad is available for an academic year, a term, or a summer through programs offered by affiliated institutions or by direct enrollment in foreign universities. In addition, students have the opportunity to study abroad during many of our May term courses.

When do I register for classes?

All new first-year and transfer students are required to attend one of three SOAR (Student Orientation and Registration) events. During the event, students meet with an academic advisor, register for classes, and have the opportunity to learn more about the campus and what to expect from University life. Students will receive information on how to register for a SOAR event after they submit their enrollment deposit.

Is there a fall orientation?

Yes, Transylvania University Welcome is the second step of the orientation process. Transylvania University Welcome commences the weekend before classes begin. During the weekend, students learn about success in the classroom, familiarize themselves with the campus resources, and meet other new students. Students receive detailed information on this program during the summer prior to the beginning of classes.

Do you have pre-professional majors (i.e pre-law, pre-medicine, pre pharmacy, pre-dentistry, etc.)

While Transylvania does not offer pre-professional majors, we do offer pre-professional advising and preparation in law, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy, optometry, engineering, veterinary medicine, and ministry. Students interested in these programs select from one of our 38 majors and have a faculty advisor in that major. They also work with a pre-professional advisor who guides their preparation and course selection for professional school.

About 40 percent of Transylvania graduates go directly to graduate or professional school immediately following graduating. Students recommended for health sciences programs (medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, pharmacy, and optometry) by our Pre-Health Committee have a better than 90% acceptance rate. Our law school acceptance rate is nearly 100%.

When do I have to declare a specific major?

Students do not have to declare a major to be admitted to Transylvania. In fact, students cannot officially declare a major until the end of their first-year of study. However, all students must declare a major by the end of the second year of full-time study.

What are our most popular majors?

Business administration, psychology, biology, accounting, English, and Spanish

Is it difficult to graduate in four years?

With the exception of our “3 + 2” engineering program, all Transylvania University programs are designed as four year programs. 94% of Transylvania graduates complete their studies in four years.

Will I have professors or graduate students teaching my classes?

Transylvania does not use graduate teaching assistants to teach any of its courses.

What kinds of computer facilities are available?

Computer facilities are available to students at a number of locations around campus. Each of the residence hall areas has computer facilities as do a number of campus classroom buildings. Students living in the residence halls have internet access through a high speed cable access network and most areas of campus are covered by wireless access.

What is the graduation rate?

Transylvania’s graduation rate is 76%.

What is the retention rate?

Transylvania’s retention rate (first year to sophomore year) is 88%.

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