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Meal Plan Options

Transylvania offers a variety of dining options that meet individual student needs. First-year students are assigned to the residence halls, which requires being on a meal plan. Qualified commuter students, although not required to, can also purchase a meal plan.

With the meal plan, you are eligible to dine in the Forrer Dining Hall, Rafskeller, Jazzman’s Café, and 1780 Café.

For questions regarding meal plan options, please call the Office of Residence Life at (859) 233-8181.

You may choose from three meal plan options. The options are based on a scheduled number of meals eaten per week. Every Saturday, students’ Crimson Cards are credited with the number of meals corresponding to the meal plan they have selected. One meal may be used at each mealtime: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you skip a meal, the unused meal may not be used at a later time. For example, if you miss breakfast, you cannot use the meal plan to eat two lunches or two dinners on campus.
The 14-meal and 10-meal plan options include an allotment of “flexible spending dollars” to help when you miss a meal or want an extra snack: $400 per year for the 14-meal plan and $700 per year for the 10-meal plan. These flexible dollars may be used at any of the dining locations, but may not be used for laundry, books, snack machines, overdue library fines, or anything other than eating at one of the four campus dining locations. Half of the flexible spending dollars will be allotted at the beginning of fall term and half at the beginning of winter term. Unused dollars from the fall term carry over to winter term. Unused dollars are not refundable and do not carry over to the next academic year.

The meal plan options that we anticipate offering for the upcoming academic year are:

  • 19-Meal Plan Option—19 meals per week (brunch/lunch on Saturday and Sunday)
  • 14-Meal Plan Option—14 meals per week with an annual allotment of $400 of flexible spending dollars
  • 10-Meal Plan Option—10 meals per week with an annual allotment of $700 of flexible spending dollars

While you may not change your meal plan during the year, you can at any time add money to your Crimson Card, which can then be used as a debit card at any of our dining facilities as well as our bookstore and vending machines. Paying cash for additional meals is also an option at any time.

Important! Due to Transylvania’s contract with our food service provider, your meal plan selection will be in effect for the entire year. If during the first week of the academic year you feel you have made the wrong choice, you can change it by contacting the Dean of Students. After the first week of the academic year, however, you will only be able to change between the 10- and 14-meal plan at the semester break. Therefore, it’s important to choose your meal plan options carefully, and if you need to make a change, to do so within the first week of the academic year.

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