Undergraduate Research

Unique Opportunities

Becky Fox and Student

Biology professor Becky Fox enlists students in her research on behavioral traits of birds. Read more 

One of the most important skills you'll learn at Transylvania is asking important questions. That skill will propel you to a life of research and learning, where you'll be prepared to tackle the world's biggest questions and find meaningful answers.

We make sure that all of our students get the opportunity to work closely with accomplished professors on a variety of exciting research—much of which you can't get as an undergraduate elsewhere. You'll design your own experiments and present your results.

In the process you'll make mistakes and you'll make discoveries. There's no limit to what you can find.

Research at Transy:

  • Summer student research grants that provide up to $3,500 in support
  • Independent research projects with faculty mentors
  • Assisting professors in lab and studio settings
  • Independent study and senior seminars
  • Internships

Elle Wollery

Elle Woolery '17 received a Davies-Jackson Scholarship to study archaeology at Cambridge University. At Transy she conducted excavation field work with anthropology professor Chris Begley.