Recommended Sequence of Courses

WRC Major Pattern
First Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term
WRC 1004 Intro to Communication   WRC Elective OR *
WRC 1054 Intro to Journalism* AND/OR    
WRC 1064 Argumentation and Debate*    

Sophomore Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term
WRC 2354 Intro to Classical Rhetoric AND/OR* WRC 3354 Readings in Rhetorical Criticism AND WRC Elective OR *
  WRC 3054 Digital Rhetoric  
  WRC 3034 Organizational Communication OR  
  WRC 3044 Gender and Communication   

Junior Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term
WRC 4204 Internship** WRC 3024 Nonverbal Communication OR WRC Elective OR *
  WRC 3064 Persuasion  
  WRC 3054 Digital Rhetoric  

Senior Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term
WRC 4444 Senior Seminar    WRC Elective OR *

Special Requirements Concerning This Major:
1. A reading knowledge in a foreign language (Chinese, French, German, Spanish) is recommended to students bound for Graduate study in Communication, Rhetoric, Composition Studies, or Creative Writing.
2. * As noted in the university catalog, all WRC majors are required to take WRC 1004, WRC 2354, WRC 3054, WRC 4444, and one of the following: WRC/ENG 2074, WRC/ENG 2084, WRC 2314, WRC 3124.  All WRC majors will take at least 7 full-unit WRC courses in addition to these five "core courses". 
3. All WRC Majors must take at least 4 WRC courses at the 3000-level or above (WRC 4444 plus 3 additional courses)
4. There are no required allied courses.  WRC majors may take up to two courses outside the WRC program as WRC electives, with the permission of the program director.
5. ** Not required, but strongly recommended.  This needs to be worked out during the Winter Term of the Sophomore year.
6. If a student who plans to major in WRC intends on traveling abroad, we recommend that such plans be made well in advance, and for Summer, May, or Winter Term of the Junior year.
7. Courses listed in Winter Term for the Sophomore and Junior year can be taken at either time, or in Winter Senior year if necessary.
8. Generally, WRC 3064 and WRC 3044 will be offered in even-numbered Winter Terms.  WRC 3024, WRC 3034, and WRC 3054 will be offered in odd-numbered Winter Terms.
9. It is recommended that WRC majors take WRC 3354 before they take WRC 4444.