Recommended Sequence of Courses


Political Science Major Pattern
First Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term
PS 1004 Intro to Politics PS 1014 Intro to U.S. Politics Political Science Elective* OR 
  Elective - Preferably HIST 1014 Western Civ I OR Travel Course (if appropriate) 
  HIST 1024 Western Civilization II  

Sophomore Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term
PS 2504 Politics of the Middle East** OR Political Science Elective* Political Science Elective* OR
PS 2514 Politics of Africa** OR  Political Science Elective Travel Course (if appropriate) 
PS 2524 Politics of Asia** OR     
PS 2534 Politics of Europe and Russia**    
Political Science Elective*     

Junior Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term
PS 3044 Modern Political Concepts PS 3114 Political Theory I OR Political Science Elective* OR
Political Science Elective* PS 3124 Political Theory II Travel Course (if appropriate) 
  Political Science Elective*  

Senior Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term
Political Science Elective* PS 4444 Senior Seminar  
  Political Science Elective*  

A total of 11 courses are required to complete the Political Science major
At least 6 of the courses must be at the 3000-level
*5 electives required 
**1  course in comparative government is required (PS 2504, PS 2514, PS 2524, or PS 2534 and should be taken in fall or winter term of the sophomore year