Recommended Sequence of Courses


Computer Science Major Pattern
First Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term
CS 1124 Foundations of Computer Science CS 2124 Logic & Problem Solving  
MATH 1304 Calculus I    

Sophomore Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term
CS 2444 Data Structures CS 2144 Computer Organization  
CS 2344 Discrete Structures CS 3344 Computational Theory  

Junior Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term
CS 3234 Principles of Programming Languages OR CS 3074 Netcentric Computing OR CS Elective (or in Fall of SR year) 
CS 3024 Compiler Construction CS 3164 Interface Programming OR  
Concentration I CS 3144 Database Management Systems  
  Concentration II  

Senior Year
Fall Term Winter Term  May Term
CS Elective CS 4444 Senior Project  
Concentration III    

Advice for Computer Science majors: 
It is recommended that students do at least one internship in computer science (CS 4204 or CS 4208), usually during the junior and/or senior year.
Students wishing to pursue a topic in more depth are encouraged to take CS 4214 Independent Study in Computer Science during their junior or senior year. 
The three concentration courses are chosen in consultation with the advisor and the program director of CS.  They may come from any program on campus.  The project done with the Senior project course will be related to this concentration.  Students planning to attend graduate school are encouraged to concentrate in Mathematics.     
Students wishing to graduate with Honors in Computer Science must have a 3.0 overall GPA, a 3.5 GPA in Computer Science courses, and must earn an A in CS 4314 Honors in Computer Science, usually taken during the senior year.