Religion Major

The religion program at Transylvania helps students better understand themselves within an increasingly complex and diverse world, better understand the role and contribution of religions within cultures and better understand and exemplify the skills and sensibilities of a holistically educated person.

Professor Paul Jones

Because religion is the most pervasive and most powerful force in the world, we ignore it at our own peril. Moreover, religion majors immerse themselves in the 'Great Conversation' about the meaning and purpose of life—the ultimate liberal education inquiry.

Paul H. Jones,
professor of religion

Beginning in the introductory course, students examine issues related to religious thought and practice within their own religious tradition and within a global context, as well as gender, race and sexuality and other theoretical approaches. Courses cover the Hebrew and Christian scriptures, the Judaeo-Christian tradition, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and special topics. 

Faculty members combine a theoretical and analytical approach with sensitivity to a life of faith and discernment. A major or minor in religion will help you become theologically grounded, historically informed and capable of reading and interpreting the texts of various religious traditions and our world and its myriad cultures and traditions. Because studies in religion can help you better negotiate a complex and interrelated world, the religion program offers May term travel courses that purposefully integrate the classroom and context.

Carole Barnsley


Carole Barnsley,
Associate Professor of Religion;
Program Director

(859) 233-8235

Transylvania University
300 North Broadway
Lexington, KY 40508 USA

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College professor
Executive director, Kentucky Council of Churches
Minister in local congregation
President, Council of Christian Unity
President and General Minister, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the U.S. and Canada
Regional minister, Christian Church in Kentucky
Business manager
Asbury Theological Seminary
Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University
Candler School of Theology, Emory University
Christian Theological Seminary
Duke University
Harvard Divinity School
Lexington Theological Seminary
Patterson School of Diplomacy, University of Kentucky
University of California-Davis
University of Louisville Medical School
Vanderbilt Divinity School
Wake Forest University
Yale Divinity School
Congregational pastor
International relations
Institutional chaplaincy
Social justice services
Internships with a local church
Internships with social service agencies
Study abroad during May term