Philosophy, Politics & Economics Major

Thinkers as diverse as Aristotle, Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Friedrich Hayek and Angela Davis have understood that thoughtful examination of human societies and what constitutes effective conduct within them requires a mastery of philosophy, political theory and economics (PPE).

Professor Peter Fosl

“PPE has proven itself to be one of the premier majors preparing students for careers in law, public service, non-profit work and graduate study”

Peter Fosl,
professor of philosophy

Restoring the logical and historical connections among philosophical, political and economic thought, Transylvania’s PPE program engages students with both the way these disciplinary streams flow into each other and the way they (often fruitfully) clash.

Transylvania’s PPE degree program offers a distinctive interdisciplinary course of study found at few other American universities—and at no other university anywhere in precisely the way Transylvania has configured it. The program’s course offerings draw from across the university’s curricula. Its internships afford students real-world experiences. And the Transylvania capstone PPE courses offer advanced work in philosophy, political science and economics, helping students weave the interdisciplinary lines of their study into a senior seminar or senior project.

Students in a classroom


Don Thomas Dugi
Professor of Political Science; 
Program Director
(859) 233-8233

Katie Banks
Social Sciences Administrative Assistant
(859) 233-8110

109A Haupt Humanities Building
Transylvania University
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Public service
Non-profit work
Social work
Community organizing
Practical Logic
International Trade and Finance
Feminist Philosophies
The Legal System
Money and Banking
Queer Theory