Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Major
12 course units, including:
Primary Required Courses:
(At least 5 and at most 7 from this category: PPE 1024; at least 1 from each Philosophy and Political Science; and both ECON 2024 & 2034)
PPE 1024 Synthetic Introduction to PPE
PHIL 1154 Practical Logic
PHIL 3414 Ethical Theory
PS 3114 Political Theory I
PS 3124 Political Theory II
ECON 2024 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 2034 Principles of Macroeconomics

Capstone Required Courses:
PPE 4204 Internship in PPE
PPE 4444 Synoptic Senior Seminar

Elective Courses:
(At least 3 and at most 5 elective courses with no more than 2 from a single disciplinary program, not counting the Primary Required Courses; at least one elective drawn from these options must be taken from each PHIL, PS, and ECON)
Economics Electives:
ECON 3034 Money and Banking
ECON 3054 Microeconomics-Theory and Applications
ECON 3074 Macroeconomics Theory and Policy
ECON 3134 Public Finance
ECON 3144 International Trade and Finance
ECON 4044 History of Economic Thought
Philosophy Electives:
PHIL 2004 Feminist Philosophies
PHIL 2084 Environmental Philosophy
PHIL 2164 Bioethics
PHIL 2174 Anarchism
PHIL 2294 Special Topics in Philosophy* (If approved by PPE program)
PHIL 3534 Black Feminist Theory
Political Science Electives:
PS 2194 International Politics
PS 2504 Politics of the Middle East
PS 2294 Special Topics in Political Science (PS 2294)* (If approved by PPE program)
PS 3144 The Legal System
PS 3174 American Constitutional Development
PS 3264 Human Rights
PS 3294 Special Topics in Political Science (PS 3294)* (If approved by PPE program)
Additional PPE Electives:
PPE 2014 Presidential Topics in PPE
PPE 2294 Special Topics in PPE
PPE 3114 Advanced Readings in PPE

REQUIREMENT FOR BALANCE: At least 2 courses must be taken from among either the Primary Required and/or Elective course list in each Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics, except where a course from the approved list of ‘Other PPE Courses’ or PPE 3114 is taken as a substitute elective or an exception is granted by the PPE program chair.
REQUIREMENT FOR ADVANCED COURSES: At least 3 courses from the Primary Required Course list or among Elective courses must be passed at or above the 3000-level.
NO MINORS IN PHIL, PS, OR ECON: PPE majors cannot minor in either Philosophy, Political Science, or Economics.
OTHER PPE COURSES may substitute for courses listed as Elective Courses at the discretion of the PPE program chair and only if approved by the PPE program chair, consistent with the set of courses approved by the program faculty for this purpose. These courses may be taken as part of the PPE major program only if the prerequisites for the course designated by the course’s originating program are completed in advance. Consult the university website and advising materials for other courses already approved as possible PPE electives.