English Major/Minor Patterns
12 course units, including:
1 course from the following:
ENG 1074 Introduction to Literary Genres 
ENG 1124 Introduction to Dramatic Literature (THEA 1124) 
ENG 1134 Introduction to Poetry
ENG 1144 Introduction to Fiction
1 course from the following:
ENG 2124 Introduction to African Fiction
ENG 2134 American Writing of Nature
ENG 2144 Women’s Literature
ENG 2154 American Women Writers and Ethnicity
ENG 2164 Twentieth-Century African-American Literature
ENG 2174 Popular Fictions
ENG 2184 Literature of the American South
ENG 2374 Postmodern Literature
ENG 2474 Survey of British Literature I
ENG 2484 Survey of British Literature II
ENG 2534 Detective Fiction
ENG 2654 Fictions of Identity
ENG 2674 Survey of American Literature 
ENG 2714 Jane Austen and Film
1 course from the following: (a prerequisite for 3000-level classes) 
ENG 2474  Survey of British Literature I
ENG 2484  Survey of British Literature II
ENG 2674  Survey of American Literature

4 3000-level period courses, to include:
1 pre-eighteenth-century:
ENG 3024 Chaucer
ENG 3304 Seventeenth-Century British Literature
ENG 3314 Renaissance Literature
ENG 3324 Shakespeare I
ENG 3334 Shakespeare II
ENG 3564 Milton
1 eighteenth-century:
ENG 3204 The Romantic Lyric
ENG 3224 Romanticism and Liberty
ENG 3504 The Eighteenth-Century British Novel
1 nineteenth-century:
ENG 3174 Nineteenth-Century American Literature
ENG 3234 Victorian Literature
ENG 3514 The Nineteenth-Century British Novel
1 twentieth-century:
ENG 3404 Early Twentieth-Century British Literature
ENG 3414 Twentieth-Century British Literature, Post-1945
ENG 3664 Early Twentieth-Century American Literature
ENG 3674 Twentieth-Century American Literature, Post-1945

2 additional approved literary period courses  

2 English elective courses


ENG 4504 Capstone Seminar

To become certified to teach English, students must complete the following:
English Major
Education Minor for English Secondary Certification
Completion of Education Minor for Secondary Certification (8-12) for Teaching English requires:
EDU 1004 Foundations of Education
EDU  2014  Schooling in U.S. Culture: History, Philosophies, and Diversity 
EDU  2094  Standards-Based Instruction 
EDU  2164  Learning Theory and Pedagogy Climates 
EDU  3054  Instructional Strategies and Content Area Literacy for Learners in Middle and Secondary Schools
EDU  3244  Practicum in Learning Experiences 
EDU  4114  Supervised Teaching in High School 
EDU 4514  Senior Seminar
or Senior Seminar in the student's discipline
Students must also take the following allied courses:
EDU 2084 Literature for Young Adults
PSY 1004 General Psychology
THEA 1214 Preparing to Act or
THEA 3414 Fundamentals of Play Directing
Students must also note the following:
From the selection of English courses, one must address women's literature and one ethnic literature.
It is strongly recommended that one pair of Area IV courses be in Writing, Rhetoric, and Communication.
Students should consult with the appropriate academic advisers and advisers in the education program to ensure that state certification and general education requirements are fulfilled.
Students must secure majors in appropriate disciplines as listed in the Catalog and be approved by the Kentucky Department of Education.
Students who are enrolled in Supervised Teaching in their 9th consecutive regular term are charged at the reduced fee amount specified in the University Fee Schedule rather than the full-time tuition rate.
7 course units, including:
1 introductory course from the following:
ENG 1074  Introduction to Literary Genres 
ENG 1124 Introduction to Dramatic Literature (or THEA 1124)
ENG 1134  Introduction to Poetry 
ENG 1144  Introduction to Fiction 
ENG 1194  Introduction to Film 
6 other courses, at least 3 of which must be above the 1000-level.