Creative Writing Minor

7 1/2 course units, including:
ENG 1514 Readings for Creative Writers (Recommended in 1st or 2nd year)

Genre-Based Workshops (at least 4):
Students must complete TWO of the following tracks for a minimum of four workshop courses.  Students may take workshops in all genres, provided at least two workshops are at the beginning and advanced levels in two different genres.
ENG 2264 Non-Fiction Workshop
ENG 3164 Advanced Non-Fiction Workshop
ENG 2074 Fiction Workshop
ENG 3074 Advanced Fiction Workshop
ENG 2084 Poetry Workshop
ENG 3084 Advanced Poetry Workshop
2 additional courses
Students must take two additional courses that emphasize the practice of specific writing skills.  These courses may include additional workshops beyond the four required, such as playwriting and translation. 
Additional courses may also include special topics courses (offered by various programs on campus), independent studies, and courses taken at other institutions, if approved by program director.
ENG 2102 Creative Writing Service (1/2 unit)