German Major

The German major at Transylvania University offers a unique combination of language mastery and culture study. German companies account for 700,000 jobs in the United States., and more than 60 offices and industrial plants near Lexington, Kentucky, have ties to German, Austrian and Swiss firms.

In college I’ve become passionate about learning, especially learning the German language.

Grace Wyatt ’14

Ranked in the top 5% nationwide for Most Focused—Germanic Languages by College FactualMany of history’s greatest thinkers wrote in German: Goethe, Mann, Kafka, Kant, Hegel, Schiller, Marx, Nietzsche, Freud, and Jung, to name just a few. And some of the world’s most renowned artists were of German descent: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, Dürer, Nolde, Ernst.

Transylvania is a member of the Kentucky Institute for International Studies, which offers two excellent opportunities to study in Germany. Students can live with a German host family for either six weeks in the summer or three months during the academic year. By immersing yourself in the language and culture, you will establish a solid foundation for further study and achieve considerable fluency. 


Chris Burwick
Bingham Scholar in German

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