WGS 3234 – Feminist Rhetorics

Aristotle is commonly referred to as the father of rhetoric, but what about rhetoric's mothers-not to mention daughters, sisters, girlfriends, aunts? Women's voices were long excluded or erased from the recording or telling of histories of rhetoric, but feminist rhetorical scholars have sought to re(dis)cover these women's voices and to retell their stories. And more recently, feminist rhetorical scholars have pushed at the boundaries of gender and looked to explore what role feminist rhetorics might play in an increasingly digital and transnational world. This course considers a range of historical and contemporary views of feminist rhetorics-including texts from/about women and feminist rhetors as well as key texts about the development of the field-and asks students to contribute their own voices and scholarly work to these ongoing conversations. Prerequisite: FYS 1104. Also listed as WRC 3234. IV