PHIL 3534 – Black Feminist Theory

Examines critical and theoretical issues in Black feminism from the 19C to the present, focusing on the influential contemporary black feminist intellectual tradition that emerged in the 1970s. From this perspective, students will explore certain themes and topics, such as work, family, politics, and community, through reading the writings of Black feminists. We will also study the ways in which women and men have worked together, towards the eradication of race and gender inequality, among other systems of oppression, which have historically subjugated Black women. Although emphasis will be placed on Black feminist traditions in the United States and Britain, at the end of the semester we will consider Black feminism in global perspective. Prerequisite: WGS 1004, PHIL 2004/WGS 2004, or permission of instructor. Also listed as WGS 3534. III B or IV.