MUS 2774 – History of Jazz/Rock Music

Explores the special cross-cultural development of American popular music since 1900. From African and European roots, this music evolves into the blues, New Orleans jazz, swing, the jazz avant-garde, and current jazz styles. The course then considers the 'language of rebellion' as a seminal factor in the rapid development of Rock to present day. Rock styles presented will include electric blues, rockabilly and the British invasion; acid rock and psychedelic blues; corporate rock, metal, and punk; grunge, rap and industrial; current mainstream and alternative styles; and the development of popular music since the 1990s in response to the internet revolution. Requires library research of special period, topic, style, or artists, as approved by instructor, to result in a formal research document. When taught in May term, students travel to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland to undertake a portion of this research. Prerequisite: FYS 1104. IV; V