FREN 2024 – French Rhetoric and Composition

One of two non-sequential gateway courses leading to advanced studies in French (3000 level courses). The course facilitates more complex reasoning through close readings of French literary and cultural texts from around the world while developing written and oral expression in French. By targeting five key areas of language acquisition (speaking, reading, listening, writing and culture), the course prepares students linguistically to articulate original ideas with greater precision and clarity through training in grammar, morphology, syntax and phonetics. By cultivating a more sophisticated use of language, students develop their ability to use rhetorical strategies in producing higher-order reasoning. Special attention will also be paid to writing: understanding different modes of expression (exposition, narration, description, argumentation) and writing effectively (coherent discourse, lexical flexibility, rhetoric, and style). Formal writing assignments include la dissertation, l'essai critique, and le récit. This course is conducted entirely in French. Prerequisite: FREN 1034 and FYS-1104. IV; V