ANTH 3244 – Global Feminisms

Designed to introduce students to women's issues, experiences, and activities from outside of the United States, focusing on areas generally understood to be part of the 'Third World.' Using an interdisciplinary and comparative approach, students will draw on various methods of analyzing and understanding the production of gender relations, and the webs of power within which women's lives are situated. Cultural dimensions of gender and power will also be considered. Topics studied may include colonialism, globalization, maternity and reproductive rights, violence, population and poverty, sexuality and sex work, women's activism, and grassroots cooperatives. Each time the course is taught, the focus is on three major world regions, exploring the above issues within each one. Prerequisite: WGS 1004 or PHIL 2004 and FYS 1104. Also listed as WGS 3244. III A or IV; V