International Baccalaureate

Recently awarded IB credits:

IB Higher Level Test Transylvania Course # Transylvania Course Title General Ed. Requirement
Art-Visual Art ART-1024 Introduction to Visual Art Area II Fine Arts
Biology BIO-1164 Biology and Human Concerns Area II Natural Science
Business & Management BA-1044 Introduction to Business Administration N/A
Chemistry CHEM-1055 Principles of Chemistry I Area II Natural Science
Chinese Language A1 CHI-1014 Chinese III Area I Foreign Language
Design Technology GE-1004 General Elective N/A
Economics ECON-1004 Introduction to Economics Area II Social Science
English GE-1004 General Elective N/A
French Language A1 or B FREN-1034 French III Area I Foreign Language
Geography GE-1004 General Elective N/A
German Language B GER-1034 German III Area I Foreign Language
History-Americas HIST-1164 United States from 1865 Area II Social Science
History-Asia/OCE GE-1004 General Elective N/A
History-European HIST-1024 Western Civilization II Area III List B
History-World GE-1004 General Elective N/A
Instructional Technology GE-1004 General Elective N/A
Mathematics MATH-1214 Functions N/A
Philosophy PHIL-1024 Introduction to Philosophy Area II Humanities
Physics PHYS-1014 Conceptual Physics Area II Natural Science
Psychology PSY-1004 General Psychology Area II Social Science
Spanish Language A1 or B SPAN-1034 Spanish III Area I Foreign Language