Student Teaching Program

Following one year at Transylvania University, a student with sophomore standing—and ready to declare a major—is eligible to complete a formal application and submit it to the Teacher Education Program. The student must demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and disposition to become a teacher candidate.

Please review the criteria for program admission below. After teacher candidates are admitted to the program, they must maintain a 2.75 GPA in their education courses and their major courses. Teacher candidates also complete a four-week Practicum in their junior year and a semester-long student teaching experience in their senior year.

Review the Student Teaching Handbook for more information about this important requirement of our program.

Criteria for program admission

Minimum college GPA:

  • 2.75 GPA cumulative
  • 2.75 GPA education courses
  • 2.75 GPA major/teaching area

Minimum Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators scores:

  • Reading: 156
  • Math: 150
  • Writing: 162

Other assessments:

  • Formal entrance essay with application
  • Interview with at least two education faculty members
  • Informal essay at time of admissions interview
  • Demonstration of critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration skills
  • Understanding of the disposition needed for the teaching profession
  • Agreement to abide by the Professional Code of Ethics and knowledge of the character and fitness questionnaire contained in Section III of the TC-1 form (supplied by the program)

Criteria for certification

Upon satisfactory completion of all education and general education course requirements, with a minimum 2.75 GPA, candidates must also satisfy the following requirements in order to be recommended to the state of Kentucky for certification:

  • Pass Student Teaching and receive a passing score on the Teacher Work Sample
  • Pass Practicum and receive a passing score on the Practicum Folder of tasks
  • Pass a review of the Program Portfolio
  • Achieve the minimum passing scores on the required PRAXIS exam(s). (These differ for each certification.)