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Advisory Committee


The Pre-Health Advisory Committee serves to guide students as they navigate their career options, course schedules, extracurricular activities, and, finally, the application process for their chosen professional program.

Eva Csuhai, Chief Advisor & Professor of Chemistry
Office: BSC 209
Phone: 281-3592
Email: ecsuhai@transy.edu

Belinda Sly, Co-Advisor & Associate Professor of Biology
Office:  BSC 317
Phone:  233-8241
Email:  bsly@transy.edu

Jamie Day, Professor of Physics
Office: BSC 105
Phone: 233-8229
Email: jday@transy.edu

Paul Duffin, Assistant Professor of Biology
Office: BSC 309
Phone: 233-8325
Email: pduffin@transy.edu

Kim Jenkins, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Office: BSC 115
Phone: 233-8725
Email: kjenkins@transy.edu

Mike Nichols, Visiting Professor of Psychology
Office: HZ 004
Phone: 233-8158
Email: mnichols@transy.edu

Geoffrey Williams, Assistant Professor of Economics
Office: CC 210
Phone: 281-3665
Email: gwilliams@transy.edu


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