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Why did Janelle Johnson leave Transylvania to ride a camel?

Janelle JohnsonJanelle Johnson participated in a study abroad program in Amman, Jordan. She spent an entire term in the Middle East, where she studied foreign policy, economics, modernization, and Middle Eastern social change.

The study abroad experience was a part of her international studies major, a self-designed major that she hopes to put to work in foreign policy. She was accepted to the University of Chicago Harris School for Public Policy Studies, where she will earn a master’s degree in international policy.

Recent study abroad experiences have found Transy students at the University of Regensburg in Germany, Southern Cross University in Lismore, Australia, and Regent’s College in London. Others studied geology and tropical biodiversity in Ecuador, completed an internship with a member of the Scottish Parliament, and studied international politics and economics in Mexico. In the past 15 years, Transylvania students have studied in more than 50 countries. In recent years, two-thirds of the graduating seniors had studied abroad for some amount of time.

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