Main and Side Gallery Exhibitions Opening in September


Work by Winfred Rembert

Sept. 8-Oct. 13, 2017
Stories to Tell: The Work of Winfred Rembert

Raised in Georgia, self-taught artist Winfred Rembert grew up in the 1950s rural south at the end of Jim Crow and the beginning of the Civil Rights movement. As a child he regularly worked in the cotton fields, a reoccurring theme in his work.  Arrested during a Civil Rights march, Rembert taught himself to tool and dye leather while incarcerated. Rembert stretches, stains, and etches on leather to create scenes from memory, stories that tell the truth with art.

A documentary film about his life, All Me: The Life and Times of Winfred Rembert, was released in 2011. Directed by Vivian Ducat, it was announced as "Best of Festival" at the Arlington International Film Festival.

Video Interview from the Steam Academy Visit

Special Events and Hours
Film Screening with Director Vivian Ducat | Thursday, Sept. 7, 6 p.m., The Lyric Theater (300 E. Third Street); Q&A to follow the film with Ducat and the artist. Note, this is a kick-off event for Lexington’s Roots and Heritage Festival. Free and open to the public!
Opening Reception with Winfred Rembert and Vivian Ducat| Friday, Sept. 8, 6-8 p.m.; "All Me: The Life and Times of Winfred Rembert" DVD available for purchase by cash or PayPal the night of the opening. Free and open to the public!
Friday, September 15, Lexington Gallery Hop, 5-8 p.m.

Images above left to right: Winfred Rembert, In the Ditch, 2009, dye on carved and tooled leather, 53.5" x 28"; Winfred Rembert, Our Teacher, 2014, Dye on carved and tooled leather, 16.88” x 17.25”; Images courtesy of Adelson Galleries 


 Virtual Reality

Sept. 12-Oct. 13, 2017
Senses of Place: VR

featuring the work of Dima Strakovsky and Richie Hoagland and artist collective HVREdev

Two virtual reality (VR) artworks allow visitors to experience different approaches to this new art form. "Dreams" offers a virtual gallery of 10 other-worldly places developed by HVREdev, a collective of individuals and small teams. To experience this self-guide dream tour, participants will need their own Android smartphone. "Virtual Realities," by Dima Strakovsky and Richie Hoagland, is at once a performance, an installation and a product demo. It explores the transformation of parent/child relationship brought about by the changes in contemporary technologies.  Parent and child performers will play together using smart phone technology, virtual reality, and wireless networks. Gallery visitors participate as audience for the 15-minute performance (three 5-minutes scenarios) which is then followed by a 30-minute open discussion of the project and time for the audience to experience the artwork. Please visit our website for “Virtual Realities” performance dates and times.


Special Events and Hours
Opening Reception with the Senses of Place Artists |Tuesday, Sept. 12, 5-8 p.m. featuring a "Virtual Realities" performance 
Lexington Gallery Hop| Friday, Sept. 15, 5-8 p.m. featuring a "Virtual Realities" performance and "Dreams" in high definition
STUDIO 300 Digital Arts and Music Festival | "Virtual Realities" performance, Thursday, Oct. 5, 1:30 p.m.
STUDIO 300 Digital Arts and Music Festival | "Dreams" in high definition followed by discussion with artists, Friday, Oct. 6, 2:30 p.m.

Images above left to right: HVREdev, Dreams, 2017, Google Cardboard and downloadable app for Android smartphones. Also a computer/monitor and mouse for playing without cardboards. Dima Strakovsky and Richie Hoagland, Virtual Realities, 2017, Vive Virtual Reality Unit, Computer, Custom VR software, Custom Server and website, Projector, Speakers.